Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Just Having Fun: NX is the Power Glove Theory

To a certain extent, this is a serious theory, but really it's just for fun. I don't know anything about the NX. However, if they can pull this off, I might buy it fairly early after all.

I've previously was of the opinion that the NX will be a hybrid console, which would be nice. I also thought that it would have power stations to upgrade the performance, sort of like the promise of modular computers and phones. However, Nintendo appears to look at history and sees products like the 64 DD and 32X were failures. Sure, the problem was the lack of games and the timing, but I doubt they will try that market after Reggie said that Sony and Microsoft can fight over that red ocean.

Based off other comments, specifically Ubisoft's, it sounds like Nintendo is going back to the Blue Ocean strategy. Since the dual screen technology of the Wii U failed to catch on like it did with the DS, this means they are probably trying something else for the casual crowd. The fact that Breath of the Wild gameplay appears to be focused more on the TV instead of the gamepad, the NX might be utilizing only one screen.

The fact that Just Dance is coming to the NX indicates that either Nintendo is going to still use the wiimotes or it will be using a new controller. Ubisoft claimed that they believe the NX will bring back lapsed wii owners, so the controller needs to be intuitive. Apparently Nintendo wasn't thinking about VR when designing the NX, but now it's a possibility also seems to suggest that it is something to can do VR, but isn't required.

If the NX is a new experience, still motion controls, but it's not VR, I think it might be the Power Glove returns. The product was technically a failure from Mattel, but that was due to a lack of games developed for it. When a game was actually designed for it, it was highly praised by the blue ocean audience. If Mattel could produce that glove for $25 over 20 years ago, it's probably easier to do now and even with more advanced technology.

The glove can offer a few benefits. One is that it's more intuitive than the wii remote. Two is that it should be more comfortable to use than the wii remote. The major example is that you should be able to point your finger instead of bending your wrist, as Neo was lamenting in his piece about various controllers and game design. Three, it can offer new gameplay experiences. For instance, you can make a motion to hold a baseball and then throw it like one.

The glove would actually probably reach its full potential in combination with other Nintendo controllers. For example, the Wii U gamepad could still be used like in Pikmin 3.  Or it can be a stand to display where you can grab balls, simulating a holographic display. Now if Nintendo actually releases a holographic display, that would be awesome. The technology exists thanks to ultrasound, so it's possible.

What do you think? Is my theory sound? Have I done something horrible by building hype for something that may not exist? The only thing I request is that you don't get your hopes up. This is just a fun theory. I'd be satisfied with a hybrid console as well. I think possibly having a DS you can take on the go, then plug it in for better performance at home would be sweet. Since they have more patents for that sort of idea, that might be more likely. The power glove thing would require licensing from other companies unless their patents expired. However, if a company can pull the glove thing off, it's Nintendo.

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